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This is one of the club's biggest annual events. It is a great opportunity to either test your smarts against the rest of the club, or have some fun and tough it out in one of the many 'challenges' held throughout the night. It is also one of the biggest fundraisers throughout the year and the wonderful support of our members throughout the night contributes to keeping fees as low as possible and purchasing new equipment, among other things. I would encourage everyone to coordinate with their team and get a table together or bring along friends and family to take on the rest of the club. You can find out more details and purchase tickets for Trivia night HERE.

As we move into the later rounds of the season, we are looking for volunteers that might wish to learn to umpire over the last of the round games and throughout the summer social competitions. Whilst it can appear daunting, umpiring is actually a great way to better learn the rules and understand the game better. If you’re interested in umpiring, the club will partner you up with one of our experienced HACT level umpires to help guide you through the elements of umpiring such as the rules, positioning etc and ease you into the role. Summer Social is also a great opportunity to learn to umpire as players are generally more relaxed and happy to help out emerging umpires. If you are interested at all, please email the club email account and we will get you in touch with the Umpire Coordinator, Harriet Williams and one of our experienced umpires and get you started.

A reminder that the AGM is fast approaching. If you are thinking about helping out the club, can I recommend that you seriously consider a position on the Board or as one of our various coordinators. It is a fantastic opportunity to give back to the club, meet new people and make new friends in various areas of the club and also shape how the club operates and strategically moves into future years. If you have any questions regarding being a part of the administration of the club, talk to a current Board member or email the club account. Nominations for positions will be released very shortly.

Date: 25 August @7pm

Place: Yeend Room at the National Hockey Centre

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