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Help Us Fundraise Using the ACT Container Deposit Scheme

We’re collecting eligible drink containers to redeem for a 10c refund each under the ACT Container Deposit Scheme. It’s a great way for our community to get involved in recycling, help reduce litter and raise money for the club – every little bit helps!

To find out more about the scheme and see which containers are eligible, visit

You can do your bit by:

1. Drinking your beverage of choice from a can, plastic or glass bottle.

2. Place your eligible containers into a durable slightly see-through bag, like a regular kitchen bag. Make sure to remove the lids and recycle them at home. Plastic bags are necessary to identify the bottles belonging to you, so the club gets the correct refund. If you would like to avoid plastic bags you can take containers directly to the depots at Mitchell or Fyshwick.

3. Head to your local Return Point -

4. Use the touchscreen and login using the club phone number – 0422 768 342. Choose the electronic refund option.

5. The machine will print out barcoded label(s) – stick these to your bags.

6. Place the bags in the bin or hand to the attendant.

7. The club will be credited with 10c per bottle.

There is no end date to this initiative, so keep collecting your bottles and recycle them when you can. If you have any questions please contact us -


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