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Logo Update

Over the summer break, one of our very talented members (who wishes to remain anonymous) has spent a considerable amount of time reimaging and updating our club logo. The current Devil’s logo has been a part of the club for a number of years and is part of the club’s identity. In saying this, being our 50th celebration, the board believed that now would be the best time to update our logo and present a modern face of the club. So, we introduce you to the new UCHC logo!

The designer of our new logo has provided the following brief notes on the update;

The logo is aimed at keeping with the identity of the club whilst at the same time appealing to a new cohort of members. It aims to show a progressive club that is constantly updating and adapting to the environment around it. The redesign references the current logo whilst presenting it in a more simple but modern iteration. It isn’t a change of identity, it is simply an update. In redesigning the logo, it provides the club with better usability by providing more up-to-date file types and better resolution meaning that the logo will present better on all media and clothing. The logo will also be adapted into a suite that can be presented differently based on the subject, for example, there is a primary logo, and then modified versions for reversing out, landscape and portrait versions, social media options, and merch options, etc, etc. This gives the club a raft of various options to present itself. Finally, the redesign aims to address a number of issues with the current logo such as no nose on the devil and the devil holding a hockey stick the wrong way (left-handed). Ultimately, this is not an attempt to change the identity of the club or ignore the history of the club and the logo. It is instead a revamp and refresh of the logo to coincide with current technology and the progressive and forward thinking nature of our club.


So whilst we welcome our new logo which will appear on all our social media, letterheads and uniform in the coming weeks, there is still one matter to be settled…….What do we call our devil???

We are asking the club for suggestions for the name of the UCHC Devil. We don’t believe that our mascot can be a part of our club without having a name. So please email us or comment on the social media post with name suggestions……..Barry the devil?


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