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New Sponsors Announcement

The University of Canberra Hockey Club (UCHC) is excited to announced two new sponsorship arrangements with local businesses Lycan Hockey and Evolve-Strength, Movement & Performance, for the 2019 season.

The sponsorship arrangement with these two businesses, both operated by Hockey ACT Lakers representative and former Australian Kookaburra Glenn Turner, aims to provide access to high quality hockey equipment and fitness training opportunities, at an affordable rate, as part of the UCHC membership.

UCHC members will receive 20% off their Evolve gym membership when they sign up for 2019 and members that purchase Lycan sticks and players packs will help their club, with 15% of those sales going back to the club.

Members can view, try and purchase the Lycan equipment range at club trainings on 13th and 20th March.

This is a really great opportunity to help our members access high quality personal hockey gear, whilst at the same time putting money back into the club.

Evolve are already helping our top teams stay fit. Now we can help make those high-level fitness services and products accessible to all our members. 

Contact the UCHC Board of Management (BoM) at for information about these sponsorship arrangements or if you know of another sponsorship opportunity for the club.

For the latest news, subscribe to the Devils Digest at and/or follow the club on Facebook and Instagram.

For information on Lycan Hockey products visit

For information on Evolve – Strength Movement & Performance visit


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